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  • 16 Aug 2016
    I felt led to share a little story about something that happened to me today.  Honestly, it was an answered prayer.  As a preface, let me say that right now my financial situation is very precarious.  I was unemployed for 5 months last year, due to no fault of my own, and I am still trying to recover from that.  I do have a full time job now, but I am earning half of what I made at my last job.  That has resulted in many financial challenges, and some very creative budgeting.  Anyway, back to what happened today...I have been praying during the past few days for the Lord to provide a few extra dollar for me to make sure I had enough fuel in my car to get to work unitl Friday (payday).  Well, I go into work today and one of my co-workers gave me $35!  I had ordered some things from her son for a baseball fundraiser a couple of months ago.  I had never received my items, so I just mentioned that to her a week or two ago.  I was expecting to eventually get the items I had ordered, but instead I get my cash back (which I really needed!)  My co-worker was very apologetic about the order not being placed.  But it was not her fault.  She said she never did get a straight answer from the "team mom" who was responsible for placing the order, as to why the order was not placed.  My response to my co-worker was ..."please don't apologize, it's no your fault.  And it's all good, because right at this moment I really need this cash more than I need wrapping paper and gift bows!"  I just wanted to share this to confirm by belief that there is no such thing as conincidence.  There is just the Providence of God. Remind me to tell y'all the "$5.00 toilet paper" story some day soon!  That story definitely demonstrates God's Providence! Take care, my CSN family!  Much Love!      
    129 Posted by Dawn Reynolds
334 views Aug 26, 2016

I am a seeker.  I am seeking Truth.  I have realized in this quest that there is only ONE Truth in this world and that is the inerrant, God-breathed Word of God.  I believe that this Word of God - contained in a book known as The Holy Bible- is absolute Truth.  I believe it to be literal.  And I do not believe that it should ever be changed, twisted, or otherwise modified to fit the culture or to justify sin.  I am not legalistic, I am in Love with God and I want to do what He would have me do.  He made me, He knows what is best for me.


I am also broken...shattered into a multitude of tiny pieces.  I do not know how to put myself back together, I do not know if I want to put myself back together--especially if I would become the person that I once was, again.  I have decided to let Jesus put me back together!  I will explain my brokenness at another time - it's quite a story. A story of the never-ending, unconditional love of a Father for his wayward princess.  A princess who was so wrapped up in asserting her autonomy that she never realized, when she was in the middle of her blessings, all those blessings come from the Hand of a generous God.  That realization did not occur until those blessings were taken away.


I just watched this sermon excerpt:


It was a powerful reminder.  (But even as I was watching, my attention was drawn to the fact that one of the words in the title is mis-spelled! Wow, the enemy will use anything to attempt to make you question what you're hearing/seeing!)  I love how he says that the greatest miracle is to believe that God loves us just as we are.  I think that is TRUE!  Because I do look at myself, through the mirror of the Bible and realize I am wicked and evil - even though I am redeemed, that evil is still in my nature as a human being.  And I realize that I fall very, very short of the Glory of God.  How can He love me, how can He accept me - I am a wretch.  But He does - His Word says so!  This is one of the many things I CANNOT comprehend.  My little-bitty brain just cannot wrap itself around that concept in a logical manner.  I'm so glad that my God is bigger than my brain!  And just because I do not understand it, does not mean I will reject it!


I am a PRINCESS, a Daughter of the King.  Adopted into His family and washed with the Blood of His Son.  May this PRINCESS grow more like her Father everyday.